Proteolytic Enzymes Supplements

Proteolytic Enzymes SupplementsRecently there has been a buzz about using proteolytic enzymes supplements for maintaining good health, but how can you tell if the supplement works for you? Read on to know what to look for when buying proteolytic enzymes supplements.

Proteolytic enzymes are naturally found in your body (they make up to five percent of the gene content) as well as in food.

Proteolytic Enzymes Benefits

• Prevents cancer, diabetes, arthritis

• Improves overall health

• Speeding up recovery rate by boosting your immune system.

With pollutants filling the air and straining our immune system, proteolytic enzymes are often not enough to destroy all the pathogens that keep getting inside our body. The food that we eat is often not adequate to create sufficient proteolytic enzymes in our body.Click for more information on Proteolytic Enzymes Benefits.

Proteolytic Enzymes Supplements

Proteolytic enzymes supplements are essential to provide the proteolytic benefits if you don’t get sufficient amounts in from your food. There are many proteolytic enzymes useful to your body: papain, bromelain, peptizyme, amylase, and serratiopeptidase.


PapainPapain comes from papaya, known as the strongest among other proteolytic enzymes. Papain is unique because it digests protein into arginine for growth hormone production while bromelain is able to dissolve both cross–linked proteins and non cross–linked counterparts.


Amylase assists in carbohydrate digestion by breaking down starches into simple sugars so that they can be easily absorbed into the bloodstream. Without amylase, your body will be unable to break down the starches and you are vulnerable mineral deficiencies.


Serratiopeptidase is a new type of enzyme derived from bacteria that lives in the intestines of a silkworm and it is proven to be effective to heal inflammation, boost your immune system, and improves digestion. Serratiopeptidase enzyme is beneficial due to anti-inflammatory properties and the ability to reduce pain in the inflamed tissues.

When looking for the best proteolytic enzymes supplements for you, apart from the proteolytic enzymess describe before, here are some tips and guidelines that are beneficial for you.

General Tips

Look at the formulation that fit with your dietary habits. Make note if you are vegetarian you may not prefer enzymes (and capsules) derived from animal sources. The activity units labeled in the supplements is useful to indicate the strength of your supplements. The higher the number indicates the faster proteins will be broken down.